John "Fagin" Cooper
Portrayed By
Chris Eigeman
Fagin's Gang
Open for Apps

Getting the bright idea from Oliver Twist, Fagin, as he calls himself, runs a gang of young criminals.


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After losing everything in the battle, John Cooper reinvented himself as Fagin. A former entrepreneur whose store was destroyed, Cooper decided to capitalize on the high number of orphans, runaways and streetrats running around Manhattan these days.

Please note: While Fagin is always recruiting and PCs are welcome to join, characters under the age of 13 are restricted and will be played only by NPCs. Please make a character in the 13-17 year range in order to join.

Don't want to play a child, but interested in the general concept? There are also openings for business associates, victims, and those who would hire the tots to do their nefarious deeds.



  • List of events character has been part of.

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These are just some ideas of predefined roles. All concepts that fit are welcome!

Icon Name Role Notes
Ring-Leader Open for apps. The Artful Dodger of the gang, the one who keeps the others in line and acts as Fagin's second.
The Fast Talker Open for apps. The one(s) who know(s) how to spin a quick story to get the gang out of trouble.
Prestidigitation Open for apps. The one(s) with a light touch and sticky fingers.
The Muscle Open for apps. The fighters of the gang.
The Runner Open for apps. The fleet-footed one(s), responsible for carrying messages and/or getting away with the goods.
The Tinkerer Open for apps. The kid who makes the wacky inventions or fixes broken things.
Ear to the Ground Open for apps. The one(s) who know(s) everyone and everything, acting as a conduit for the gang and what's going on in the world.
The Lookout Open for apps. The average-looking kid who can sit on a street corner without attracting attention.
Susannah The Diversion Open for apps. The cute, the cuddly, the innocent who can cry on command or create other diversions to keep attention on them.


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