Emma Frost
Emma Grace Frost
Portrayed By
Sienna Miller

She's everything you want.


  • Birthday: April 4th, 1990.
  • Position: Socialite.
  • Fame: Infamous.
  • Family:

Winston Frost, father - estranged.
Hazel Frost, mother - estranged.
Christian Frost, brother - incarcerated.
Adrienne Frost, sister - estranged.
Cordelia Frost, sister - estranged.

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Emma Frost was born into wealth, prestige, and privilege. Her parents were Winston and Hazel Frost, a prominent couple in upper-class society — the Frosts being a staple in American elite ever since they arrival from England in the 1600's. She was the third of four children: the middle daughter between elder Adrienne and youngest Cordelia, with the firstborn being a brother, Christian. Being from an aristocratic and aesthetically blessed family, it should have been a charmed upbringing — but it was anything but. Winston was a domineering figure in the Frost family, cold and ruthless with a tendency to expect the impossible from his children, particularly his son. Prone to drink, Winston made Emma's adolescence hell. In the limelight, Winston was a glowing example of an American businessman: wealthy, powerful, handsome. But behind closed doors, Winston was a wife-beater and an adulterer. Fortunately for Emma, that rage was never physicalized upon her — but she often suspected that Christian and Adrienne were not so lucky.

With such poor support at home, Emma suffered in school — a private, elite preparatory program known as Massachusetts Academy. Without self-confidence, she was often teased and bullied by her peers, despite already being a pretty thing. It might have been the prescription glasses with their thick lenses, a product of poor eyesight. Though she wouldn't for some time understand its significance, Emma's latent telepathic powers manifested shortly after her sixteenth birthday. To her credit, she handles the discovery with grace and secrecy — knowing better than to confide in family, even her dear brother to whom she was the closest. Over the coming months, Emma practiced and honed the budding ability. At this age, all she could readily and consciously do was read the thoughts of others. This proved to ease the burden of academia, as Emma didn't hesitate to use her power to cheat. And in doing so, she began to earn the begrudging respect of her peers — by junior year, she was tutoring others.

But as this WASPish existence continued, Emma also gained the support and concern of a young teacher, Ian Kendall. He proves to be a source of strength for the belittled Emma throughout grades ten through twelve, a constant resource for guidance and sympathy. Their relationship remained strictly platonic until the spring of her senior year, then eighteen. After class one day, Emma's white BMW convertible broke down. Ian of course offered to give Emma a ride home. She took the opportunity to read Ian's surface thoughts during that ride, through which she discovered just how beautiful and intelligent Ian found her. When Ian pulled into Emma's driveway, she boldly leaned over and kissed the twenty-seven year old teacher, unaware that her entrepreneurial sister Adrienne was recording what snowballed into a makeout session from her bedroom window. Adrienne, being the bitch she was, of course forwarded the evidence to their father — and Ian Kendall was promptly fired from Massachusetts Academy.

Thus began Emma's penchant for revenge and blackmail. She retaliated by ratting out Adrienne in return — exposing Adrienne's hush-hush modeling career, something their parents never would have condoned. Simultaneously, she went to her father with photographic evidence of his own infidelity. Rather than be infuriated, Winston was impressed by his daughter's initiative and ruthlessness. He saw something of himself in Emma — which earned Emma an unprecedented reward. Winston offered Emma the opportunity to inherit the family fortune, as well as a higher-up position on the board of Frost Enterprises, the family company. Uncertain, Emma opted to rest on the offer, taking a few days to think the decision through. But before she could accept, Christian attempted suicide. The tragedy was thwarted because Emma happened to 'hear' Christian's thoughts from downstairs — but it only snowballed from there. Rather than sympathy, Winston reacted with ire. Embarrassed by the incident, Winston promptly shipped troubled Christian off to a mental institution. In response, Emma raised all sorts of hell in Christian's defense. She spat on her father's generous offer, which only infuriated Winston further. Acting in anger, Winston concluded the drama — by throwing Emma out.

Ostracized, the estranged Emma was forced onto the streets. Which was just as well, since she intended to make her own way. Her father's mistreatment had only served to make her stronger, molding those traits that would make her infamous, one day: pride, stubbornness, vindictiveness, and resourcefulness. Making her way to New York City at just eighteen, Emma fell into the company of a lower-class charmer, Troy. She quickly fell for Troy, more than willing to cut ties with comfortable living and high fashion in favor of a dingy apartment and take-out delivery. But after a month or two, trouble came knocking again — this time, in the form of would-be mobster, Lucien. Troy owed Lucien somewhere in the ballpark of $200,000. A failed investment on Troy's part, Troy was nowhere close to resolving the debt. So Emma came up with a plan. She and Troy staged a kidnapping, attempting to extort the owed amount as ransom from her father. But Winston saw through the scheme and refused to pay. When Lucien came to collect, Troy again attempted to stall. But angered, Lucien drew a gun on Emma. Troy dove in front of the bullet, saving Emma's life — but dying in the process. A distraught Emma was then handcuffed and gagged in the basement. Lucien intended to kill Emma too, after disposing of Troy's corpse. But Emma managed to mentally manipulate Lucien's thugs, telepathically turning them against each other. With Lucien out of the way, Emma was able to convince the last thug to free her.

What she didn't know was Adrienne, in a rare act of sisterly kindness, managed to leak the ransom footage to the media. With his daughter's apparent kidnapping all over the news, Winston's hand was forced. He paid the ransom, which Emma alone was there to receive. She promptly put the money to use, enrolling in Empire State University. It was there that she first unearthed a practical understanding of mutants: their growing emergence, as well as their astounding potential for both good and evil. She quickly fell in with a student athlete, Cody. However, on one of their first few dates, Cody suddenly and without explanation attacked Emma. The attempted assault was stopped by nearby students. Cody was expelled for the incident — though could never provide the police with a sound explanation for the impromptu attack. Rattled, Emma turned to her college roommate, Astrid Bloom. As luck would have it, Astrid was also a telepath, and the two of them quickly become close friends. Astrid tutored Emma in the use of her power, helping Emma to understand some of the more advanced applications of telepathy.

More surprises were in store for Emma, too. Her high school crush, Ian Kendall, turned out to be an adjunct professor at ESU. With her now nineteen, the two began to date properly. But once again, after just a few dates, things snowballed towards trouble. Ian, too, attacked Emma in public — something that once again put Ian's job in jeopardy. But Emma discovered the cause, this time: Astrid. This whole time, Astrid — who harbored a secret infatuation with Emma — was subtly attempting to turn Emma against men. She'd telepathically set both Cody and Ian against Emma, in the hope that Emma would return Astrid's feelings for her. A human-hater, Astrid was also trying to plant seeds of non-mutant resentment in Emma's psyche. When Emma uncovered this deception, she and Astrid met on a psychic battleground. Astrid succeeded in imprisoning Emma's psi-self within Astrid's own psyche. But this strategy proved to be Astrid's undoing, as Emma was able to review and assimilate everything Astrid knew about telepathic combat. Now aware of the technique, Emma rebelled. Her innate power level being far superior to Astrid's, Emma won. Astrid never stood a chance, falling into a coma.

But Emma did not walk away completed unscathed. It was at the conclusion of this psychic battle that Emma's secondary mutation emerged. With Astrid comatose, Emma's psyche was restored — and she was promptly transformed into organic diamond. But the true damage was to Emma's worldview. Astrid managed to leave behind a legacy, though not one that directly concerns Emma's preference towards men or women. Rather, Astrid's legacy was one that colored Emma's perspective on the mutant-human dynamic. Emma's eyes were now open, and she saw baseline humans for what they were: pathetic, moronic meat puppets. Nothing more than sources of amusement for those with the capability to control them: mutants. Of course, this wasn't absolute brainwashing. These thoughts existed somewhere in Emma's subconscious, predating Astrid's involvement. But her telepathic manipulation certainly brought that prejudice to Emma's attention, something that probably stemmed from Emma's aristocratic, holier-than-thou upbringing. The nail in the coffin was hammered in by Ian. After managing to save his job with a dose of her powers, Emma confessed to Ian that she was, indeed, a mutant. Ian reacted with revulsion, which just cemented Emma's coldness towards humans from then-on.

All fired up by the event, Emma recommitted to schooling. She knocked out a degree at ESU in business administration, excelling to the point of valedictorian — thanks to an unscrupulous abuse of her powers, of course. But the power trip didn't stop there. Fresh out of college at twenty-two, Emma stumbled across a unique opportunity. Approached one evening by a distinguished-looking gentleman, she was encouraged to audition at a private establishment. A gentleman's club, really. And they needed new dancers. Dancing wasn't really Emma's forte, but she recognized the chance to work her way into New York City's elite. It was a personal amusement that she might start as a stripper, since she fully intended to one day run the whole city. So with that secret ambition, Emma auditioned to be one of the club's dancers. Using her powers to grease the wheels, she was soon invited back — this time on payroll. With a strict but scandalous dress code, the job proved to be somewhat racier than Emma expected, but she persevered.

Today, at twenty-five, Emma remains in employ at the club. It pays well, so she's managed a niche in the Upper East Side, further supported by that leftover ransom money. She's well on her way to making a name for herself in New York, since even the dancers are considered socialites, and thus invited to all the right parties. And with that Frost name, she's that much more memorable as the daughter to Frost Enterprises' CEO. As for the Sentinels, well, the catastrophe only served to strengthen Emma's resolve and convictions against humans. Understandably, she continues to keep her mutant heritage clandestine. But the present situation only aggravates Emma further, an obvious source of much anxiety and anger. But she's not too worried — it's only a matter of time before Emma moves the right pieces into place.. and goes for the checkmate.



Her primary power, and one with frightening possibility. She is a telepath of great potential, potential which is not fully reached at this point. If anything, it is her extraordinary strength of will and ambition that fortifies this raw ability. And by now, the applications of this power are varied — but there is still much to discover. What she is presently capable of is detailed below:

  • Mental Communication: The standard, baseline application of telepathy. She is able to serve as a psychic walkie-talkie, broadcasting her own thoughts, as well as receiving someone's thoughts. This is a conscious power of hers, by now, and she no longer accidentally hears the thoughts of strangers. She must purposefully open her mind up to receive nearby thoughts, or to send her own. To keep contact with one subject is child's play for Emma. Keeping two to three subjects in the 'loop', so to speak, is mildly taxing but very possible. Any more, and Emma would certainly be overexerted. She can maintain contact with one individual near-eternally, provided within range. Fromt there, it becomes increasingly more difficult, and she resorts to 'bursts' of communication rather than keeping an open line. The range of this power is approximentally two city blocks, square.
  • Mind Control: A more advanced application of this power. But she is nowhere near adept at it, at this point. Right now, she can only influence the thoughts and actions of others via mental suggestion. She cannot actively force another to accept these thoughts, or carry out these actions. These suggestions seem to their recipient to be a faint voice, like that of the person's conscience — and they are accompanied by a mild tingling. It is a subtle power that requires focused concentration. She can only maintain one subject at a time. And the duration is also limited, no longer than ten minutes. So the 'suggestion' is usually designed to have an immediate effect. The range of this power is direct, she must be able to see and focus upon the subject. Eye contact is not required. And of course, strong-willed opponents would detect the tingling, and be able to fortify themselves against such suggestions. More often than not, active damage to the subject is not the intention of these suggestions, either.
  • Mind Reading: Another basic application of telepathy. Consciously, she can search the surface thoughts of others — often without detection. She can pick up the surface thoughts of a number of nearby subjects, about a half dozen. If she wants to plunge deeper, to root out secrets, she can, but will inevitably be discovered. Such deep scans produce an obvious buzz in the subject's thoughts, much like soft white noise. Anyone with any experience with telepathy would immediately be able to detect her and shut her out. If permission is granted, she can use this ability to search a willing person's subconscious, with variable results. Her skill at navigating other people's psyches is novice at best, so success isn't guaranteed. To scan surface thoughts, she need only be in the same room as the subject. To perform a deep scan, she needs to be in physical contact with the subject. Obviously, she can only focus a deep scan on one subject, not multiple.
  • Psychic Shielding: A defensive application of telepathy. She is able to erect mental defenses against psychic attacks. The effectiveness of this defense relies entirely on her present condition, as well as the power level of the attacker. Fueled by willpower, her psychic defenses can be comprimised if she is distracted, injured, or exhausted. To maintain these walls around her psyche, extreme concentration is required. She's managed to set up mental 'trip-wires' around the periphery of her psyche, though, to give her a moment's advance warning of any psychic intrusion. Just enough time to focus those mental defenses.
  • Psychic Knife: A minor application, but an offensive one. Through direct physical contact with a subject, she can stimulate mental pain in the subject. She is essentially channeling violent psychic energy straight into the subject's psyche. The experience is much akin to a mind-rattling migraine. It does not cause permanent damage, nor is is fatal. But it is disorienting, disabling, and painful for the subject. Its range is touch-based.

Diamond Form:

A secondary mutation, one with a primarily defensive application. On command, she can trigger a transformation from flesh-and-blood to organic diamond. The appearance is ghostly, translucent. She actually emits low-level UV light, which causes her to glow in darkness. When in diamond form, she maintains full mobility, unrestricted by her super-dense composition. To all intents and purposes, she is indestructible to physical harm when transformed, but for a very specific weakness. Diamond is one of the densest and most durable compounds in existence. The bones in an attacker's fist would probably break on impact, unless somehow protected or fortified. And her punch is augmented in diamond form, capable of cracking a rib or a jaw. Furthermore, her base strength is doubled when in diamond form. But since she can only lift at the most 50 pounds normally, this puts her maximum at 100 pounds when diamond. The duration that she can safely remain within this diamond form is near-infinite, since she does not produce fatigue poisons, nor require water or food. She's also numbed from emotion and pain. Finally, she is impervious to cold temperatures, while only resistant to heat. But due to the obvious nature of this ability, she avoids its use as much as possible.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Character: Ambition - Got the will to survive.
  • Character: Fame - You would definitely recognize her.
  • Connection: [CENSORED] - The whole mystery…
  • Education: Empire State University - With a BS in Business Administration.
  • Education: Massachusetts Academy - Elite, preppy school in Boston.
  • Gear: Automobile License - Registered to Massachusetts.
  • Knowledge: Business Administration - Born to be a CEO.
  • Knowledge: Seduction - She gets what she wants — always.
  • Language: French - Fluent, of course.
  • Property: Finances - Formidable, quite wealthy.
  • Property: Housing - An apartment in the Manchester, Upper East Side.
  • Property: Transportation - A 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante.
  • Training: Dancing - Both ballroom and, well, stripping.
  • Training: Horseback Riding - In the English saddle tradition.


  • Character: Estranged - Cut off from the family's resources and support.
  • Character: Little Girl - Deep down, she's not so frosty.
  • Character: Nicotine Addiction - She makes smoking look good.
  • Character: Paparazzi - They follow her.
  • Law: Unregistered - She keeps her mutant identity secret.
  • Power: Diamond Instability - The transformation process is tricky.
  • Power: Diamond Interference - Telepathic powers inaccessible when diamond.
  • Power: Molecular Flaw - A closely-guarded weakness, thank you.

Watch For

  • Her snobby, unapproachable allure. Try and resist.
  • Her determination and drive to the top, no matter what it costs.
  • Her elitist perspective on mutants, compared to all human scum.


  • "Yes, I am a massive snob, and there was no need for you all to think it at once."
  • "I survived because I willed it to be. How did I survive apocalyptic fire? I simply refused to feel the flames."
  • "Of course I'm a threat. Why? Did you think for a moment that I wasn't?"



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