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March 2016

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2016/03/01 - A Little Friendly Advice
Bergstrom plays Good Samaritan and gets chewed out over it.
bergstrom ellen

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February 2016

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2016/02/16 - Shhh, You're Thinking Too Loud!
Ben and Brooklyn meet at St. Brigid's. He disturbs her with his loud thoughts. In return for some solitude, she directs him towards Rykers.
ben brooklyn
2016/02/15 - Dealing With The Weather
Marrow's taking a break to warm up from her four-hour patrol when Rogue and Pietro come upon her. The three talk of weather and the Peeper that was captured before it devolves a bit into snarking at each other.
brotherhood marrow pietro rogue rykers
2016/02/12 - It's All Greek To Me
Greek mythos as applied to Sentinels and mutants.
bergstrom ellen
2016/02/06 - Walking Enigma
On a rainy afternoon in run-down Clinton.
ellen layla
2016/02/06 - Rain Dance
An illicit party goes up in flames.
brian julian lorna xi xs
2016/02/01 - There's Not Much Ice in Italy
A good Samaritan gives Penny a helping hand as she slips on some black ice and a conversation ensues.
jono penny

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