Brian Cruz
Portrayed By
Corbin Bleu
Xaver's School

Here Comes Trouble.


  • Birthday: December 14, 1999
  • Position: Troublemaking Associate / Kingmaker in Training
  • Fame: Xavier School Tag Champion
  • Family: None.

Brian was born into a big family, right on the coast of Puerto Rico. With about six brothers and sisters, he was the youngest of the children, but there were cousins and others for him to spend much time with. He spent the first few years of his life with his family, loving every moment of it. Not that there wasnt much to love, considering that he was nothing more than a child. It was a simple life, until the day came that they were going to have to move… to the United States.

Reasons for the move ranged from all sorts of things. Money troubles, family issues, a new job… but nobody could really pinpoint which was the truth or the defining factor. All that was concrete was that Brians family hoped on the next boat smoking towards America and thats the end of it. A week of paperwork and a month of red tape later, the Cruz clan were all moved in and doing their thing in California.

Life was pretty rough, but solid, for the next two years. Brian clung to his family, using them to get him through the rough times. Most of which involved school and incidents with insensitive children that thrived on making fun of him, for whatever reason they could possibly come up with on such short notice. However, as time passed, the family started to grow apart. Brian started to feel forgotten and invisible, as his older siblings moved on with their lives and his younger siblings stole the bulk of his parents attention. Brians entire focus had been his family and without them, he fell prey to the emotion that claimed the hearts and minds of many young children…


Brian ran away from home on his 7th birthday, leaving behind a family that no longer cared about him and never looked back. Of course, thats likely why he missed his surprise party, but its too late for that now. He disappeared into the streets of Los Angeles, quickly becoming one of the many street kids that walked up and down those strips. He fell in with a local gang within about a year of being on the streets and thats where survival became the name of the game.

Taken under the wing of the gangs leader, Brian had once again found that family atmosphere that he longed for. For the next four or five years, they were exactly that… a family. They looked out for each other, cared for Brian and kept him alive. It wasnt the perfect atmosphere but it was enough to keep Brian happy and from running off on his own. That is, of course, until puberty struck. And when Brian entered into those years of adolescent development… his genes decided to develop a bit themselves. Thus, the activation of his X-Gene.


He made a wrong turn. Ended up in the wrong part of the city. Rival gang territory was never a good place to be. Surrounded, they started wailing on him. He could fight, but there was no way Brian could hold his own against such large numbers. Somewhere in the middle of his ass whooping, Brians mutant ability activated, essentially sparking an unbearable need to run within the minds of those gang members. Which, they did. They turned and fled… the only thought in their minds being to get away from Brian. They fled and Brian was able to pick himself up and get to safety, before passing out in an alley.

Unfortunately, waking up didnt explain everything as a dream. He was still in pain from being punched and kicked, but at least he was alive. He remembered what had happened, but couldnt actually justify it within his mind. He had heard of mutants, of course, but refused to believe that he was one. What happened with him was just a fluke. A one time deal, even. Those beliefs were changed the moment his gift started resurfacing on a regular basis. During times of emotional distress, he found that touching people would cause everyone to run from them. This was done often enough that it caught the eye of Charles Xavier.

When Xavier found Brian, he was hiding out in an abandoned factory, afraid to touch anyone or anything. All he wanted to do make friends and keep them, but instead his mutant ability caused people to run from him. Apparently, this was some kind of sign to let him know that he was destined to be alone. Xavier, being one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, was unaffected by this power. In fact, he was more intrigued by it than anything. The conversation and pitch didnt take any time, as Brian was into doing anything that would help him get his power under control. Thus, his enrollment in the Xavier's School.

That's where Brian has been spending the rest of his days. Under the tutelage of the great Charles Xavier and the other teachers, Brian has managed to gain complete control over his ability and even managed to unlock a facet that he never knew about. Now his pariah effect can make people come towards a target as well as make them run from it. These talents continue to be developed as Brian works very closely with some of the other students that he believes are close enough to be considered friends. Most recently, he's been blessed with a rite of passage and the name: Tag.

Yeah. He's It.


It: Brian has the confusing ability to tag something or someone and make them "It." By making something It, he causes a pariah effect to overtake those within range to either run away from or run towards the "tagged" target. This ability works on anyone (animals included) that doesn't have some sort of telepathic defense. Considering how low his level of telepathic suggestion is, even an amateur telepath should be able to resist the compulsion to run from or towards the target. The range of Brian's power is about a 75 foot radius, maximum. If nothing else, the effect ends within ten minutes or if Tag ends up unconscious.


Bilingual: Brian is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Business: Brian has some latent skills in Business, that were awoken in dealing with his classes at the Mansion. Now that they've been brought to the light, Brian seems to be more adept in coming up with schemes, plots, deals, and other money making ventures. He's got a solid enough talent in this area to actually make a career out of it should he choose to do so in the future. Currently, his business skill level is about that of a teenage con artist; limited but with potential.

Basketball: Brian is as good as a high school basketball player.


Fashion: Brian has an undeniable sense of fashion. He keeps up on the latest fads and trends and makes sure to switch his wardrobe around to keep up with the times, though he always seems to come off with an expensive taste, making him dress 'up' rather than 'down'. Nothing but Brand Names touch his skin. This crosses over into the realm of color coordination and style, of which Brian excels at. He's very good at looking good.

Tag: Brian is simply a master at playing the game of Tag. It's seriously that simple.

Taggin': Leftover from his gang days, Brian's capable of Taggin' with the best of them. Graffiti is something that he's good at and he's always willing to show it off, should the need arise. He's even created his own 'Hellion' style font that he uses on his notebooks and such. This crosses over into the realm of 'drawing' and 'artistry', of which he's talented enough to be able to draw semi-professionally. More commission work than comic book artist.

Dancing: Brian was born with rhythm and thus is an pretty good dancer. He's capable of pulling off the latest dances and such with great ease. Nothing worthy of professionalism or a second look, but he's good enough to get his jam on.

Brawling: Street life has given Brian the ability to hold his own in combat, at least on a hand to hand level. He is considerably more skilled than a common street thug, thanks to training at the Mansion. Rent-A-Cops and Security Guards he could take down easily, though professional fighters, martial artists and other people with training would very much hand his ass to him.



Family: Brian's family is still out there somewhere. The general consensus is that Brian was lost to the streets. However, his mother continues to idly search for her son. Should she ever find him, it is likely that a reunion and rekindling of a relationship would follow. Which would then result in "helping each other out" between Brian and his family.

Friends: Probably more of a gang than anything else, the people within this circle are definitely Brian's most used and beloved resource. They are his friends, his back up, his family and his power. They look out for each other and have each other's backs before anyone else's.

Xavier School: As a student at Xavier's, Brian has access to the school grounds in general. This, of course, gives him unofficial access to the gadgets, gizmos, vehicles, Danger Rooms and other things located on the grounds, considering he's not exactly the type of student to follow the rules. Who knows what kind of trouble he can get into with all of this stuff right under his nose?

Hair: Brian comes standard with the prettiest dreads to ever grace the mansion. They can't do anything special, but they look -really- good. Nobody really knows how he's capable of keeping his hair looking so awesome, but he does. Hey, the ladies love it and that's all he really needs to keep the hair up to snuff.


Friends: Brian has a small circle of friends that are, more or less, his family now. Should anything ever happen to one of them, it's likely to send him into a furious rage that will result in impulsive actions and Brian getting himself into more trouble than he's ready to handle. Messing with the small circle of friends he has is the best way to get underneath Brian's skin, it's just that simple.

Depression: It's never really shown, but Brian suffers from depression. Nothing that's worth being medically looked into, but he's had a hard life and it's only now starting to come together in a way that doesn't suck. Sometimes, his depression can get the best of him, when he's all alone and left to his own thoughts and devices, which is why he clings so hard to those he spends time with on a regular basis.


Sacrificial: Being the type of guy that has no qualms about putting his life on the line for other people and ideals, this kind of makes him the one with an involuntary death wish, so to speak. It doesn't take much to find this out about him, as he's always willing to take the fall for his friends and thus it could be exploited to the utmost potential.

Alone: Brian is literally terrified of being alone, to the point that he's even had nightmares about the subject. Thus why he's always around someone or hanging with the Hellions or found in large groups. Cut him off from his friends and he may turn into an easily manipulated teenager of impulsive actions. Brian's worst fear is to end up alone and bringing that to the light could have some bad effects.

Minority: Being Puerto Rican, Brian can be considered a minority. Add to that the fact that he's also a mutant and we've got serious breeding ground for racism and prejudice. Thus, he's likely going to have to deal with such things on a regular basis.

Blind Loyalty: Brian doesn't question his orders and that makes him dangerous. When an order is given, he blindly carries it out like some sort of brainwashed soldier of fortune. He's never really thought for himself, choosing to simply be loyal to whatever cause may be presented to him at the time. His loyalty isn't easily earned, but once it is… there's nothing that can deter him from following it.

Watch For

  • His schemes, plots and cons.
  • His inability to be alone.
  • His on campus office.
  • His connections.
  • His constant need for some kind of attention.
  • His conscience getting the better of him.


  • "Tag, you're it."
  • "I can make that happen."
  • "I've got an idea…"


Coming Soon.


  • Hellions: Looking to start a group of elite, holier than thou, totally awesome students at the Xavier's School that will be fittingly named. So, we're welcoming the canonical members with open arms, as well as other options. Come and be a part of something great.
  • Contacts: Brian has spent a lot of his days getting himself hooked up and connected with various people around the city (and possibly even out of state). These contacts can be anything and everything, as he's got a phone full of numbers. It's how he helps people become "it". If you'd like to be in Brian's Cell, I'm pretty sure we can work something out.
  • Kingmaker: This is a character that I'd really like to see on the grid. This seems like the perfect theme for him to captialize in. Which means that he needs to be around so he can do that. I also have Brian already training himself to grow up to be a Kingmaker so there's so many ways this particular relationship can go.


Title Artist Track Style
Forever Drake Main Theme; Nothing was ever given to Brian. He's had to work for everything. Now that he's getting somewhere, he's not going to be letting it go easy. It's forever or nothing.
Run This Town Jay Z Hellions; Yes. They Do.
Right Now and Later On Fabolous Cruz Control; This is the Cruz Control anthem. He has a tendency to rub people the wrong way, until they realize that they need him. It's a very careful line that's been drawn.
So Ghetto Jay Z That's Me; Brian is ghetto fabulous, for all intents and purposes. As preppie as he comes off, the streets are still inside him and they'll never go away. Take it or leave it.
Jam Michael Jackson Baskeball; This is something that Brian considers himself to be very good at and therefore he really shows off when he's rocking out to this. Every star player should have their own theme music.
Successful Drake Dreams; Brian's greatest goal and dream in life is to just be successful in whatever he does. And making sure that those that are his friends come with him.
Wall to Wall Chris Brown Party Up; Brian boasts that he can have some of the best parties that the city has ever seen. And they usually happen to be packed with girls.


Cruz Control #1: Proportional Response-> Brian's phone is stolena nd bad things happen. Followed by good things.

Hellions #2: Great Minds -> Brian and Julian are left to their own devious devices. This does not bode well for Xavier's School.

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