Nathan Bergstrom
Nathan William Bergstrom
Portrayed By
Gary Oldman

Bergstrom is a currently out of work former professor/instructor who has been black-listed from academia due to his somewhat naive and unique point of view regarding mutantkind throughout history.


  • Birthday: October 12th
  • Position: Currently Unemployed
  • Fame: In some academic circles it could be considered infamy.
  • Family: Parents, Wilhelmina and Rufus.

Nathan Bergstrom was born to the influential Massachusetts Bergstroms, the only child of Wilhelmina and Rufus Bergstrom. His early life was quite sheltered, kept apart even from the day to day proclivities of his parents by an attentive staff that focused on the required grooming for someone of his social station.

His father, Rufus, was a lawyer without prominence, having the degree and the seat upon a firm yet little of the responsibility. He occupied himself with attempting to move the business into different avenues, yet only given enough budget and authority by his partners to keep himself busy and out of their hair. The rest of his time was spent moving through the shallow pools of their social circles, travelling from gathering to gathering and occasionally finding some 'cause' for throwing money away.

His mother, Wilhelmina, was not a sad woman as some might think. She was pleased to be safe, comfortable, and to be free of responsibility. She did not spend much time with the product of her marriage, perhaps subconsciously viewing him as a visible representation of her decision to retire from the world, or as a form of bondage to her current situation. It is unlikely that she realized either as her thoughts rarely delved to such a depth and primarily remained on herself and what she required to maintain her state of living.

His parents are both alive and well, reaching their early eighties and tended for in the luxury rest home of Golden Meadows in the Hamptons. Nathan even occasionally visits at the most suitable times.

As for Nathan, he saw nothing incorrect or improper with his life. He was raised well by those given the authority to do so, was trained in the proper polite ways to interact with society, and promptly at the age of five was sent to Concord Academy. For the rest of his life it was one of academia, and he found he enjoyed it very much. He took to school, viewing it almost like a game and excelled. Twelve years were spent at Concord, only coming home for the holidays and spending summers at times on campus at others with tutors, until finally he graduated, valedictorian.

After giving his speech, a touching thing comparing the school and its staff to family, he was promptly accepted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Of course he had other options, but it was upon the word of some of his instructors that he attend there. He was easily moved to do so, seduced by their stories and their clear enthusiasm. He viewed their excitement about his decision with a glowing heart, much different a response than when he broached the topic with his father.

For the next six years he attended Amherst. It was a different world, not the insulated safety of Concord, but it allowed him to spread his wings as it were. He interacted with more and varied people with different backgrounds, finding people to be remarkable. It was for this reason that he focused his studies on History. To some his college experience would seem mundane, pedestrian, but to him it was wonderful. He attained a Master's degree in the Humanities, impressing his instructors with his enthusiasm though clearly somewhat socially awkward.

After graduation a year off was taken for travel. The world beckoned and he explored. Everyone needs some time to find oneself, but to him this seemed in some ways like an exile, again partially enforced by the desires of his parents. At the time he might have griped or been mispleased, but upon retrospect he would most likely admit that being able to visit and observe individuals of other cultures was definitely a benefit to him.

Yet, to him, there was never any question as to what he was to do with his life. He wished to return to the place he considered his home. He applied to teach at Concord Academy. There was no hesitation in their accepting his request and indeed a position was partly created for him.

For the next two decades life was wonderful for him. He taught his four classes a day, influenced the lives of many young individuals, and tried to instill within the minds of the students a love for World History. He was largely successful professionally if not personally. He remained a bachelor, though at times did come terribly close to domestic entanglement. He received several promotions up to becoming a Dean of Students as well as having his class being advanced with some prominence by the school itself in its recruiting procedures.

It was only in the last two years that things became less than… idyllic in his insulated life. The world took a hard turn over those times, the horrors in New York, the emergence of what would once be termed the fantastic. It was perhaps due to his insulation in life, to his 'bubble' of protection that he created around himself that led to his downfall.

Mutants had become more and more prominent, and the negative feelings that were connected to them became stronger and stronger. In his safe nest of academia and intellectual exploration it perhaps never occurred to Bergstrom just how strong. Sure there had been incidents in the school with the rare incident of a young person manifesting, or being pulled from school for mysterious reasons, yet he never felt negatively about them. Of course he'd never really talked with one that he knew of but he was sure he'd get along swimmingly with them.

It was during a particular class where this idea was explored that led to his career taking an abrupt end at Concord. The topic came up of mutants in the world, their impact on history now that they existed. Bergstrom made the mistake of hypothesizing to his class that perhaps there had been mutants in the past, not to such a degree as now, but clearly there have been many individuals who excelled to a startling degree. He even advanced the possibility of there being mutantkind existent in the ancient world, if not Rome, Greece, perhaps Egypt.

After this lecture it seemed like things as normal, until slowly around the school word circulated. An mp3 of his lecture was posted to an anti-mutant website, and within a week's time Professor Bergstrom became vilified if perhaps only by his local academic community. Parents became involved, a call for his dismissal was put out. Pressure continued to build. His classes became less and less about the history of the world and defending mutantkind or his point of view on their possible impact on the world.

Eventually this led to his early retirement. The school removed him after a unanimous vote by the board, and in shame he was forced to depart.

Another year was taken, but this time he stayed local. He put out feelers into the world to see if there was any use for a man of his abilities. The answer he received was no.


Electrical Disruption|

Though he is unaware of his mutation, Nathan has been plagued by such an aspect of his life and in turn has altered his behaviour to suit. Ever since he was younger, Bergstrom has had difficulty interacting and manipulating electronic devices. He would try to use a microwave oven, or a dvd player, and in short order he'd be confounded by it or have found it to be utterly defective. This is due to the fact that his body creates a steady and low frequency E1 electromagnetic pulse. It is an act of energy conversion, primarily from caloric intake and shifting the proteins into the pulse that disables any solid-state items in his direct vicinity or touch.

This is not a conscious action on his part, though in times of agitation it can grow in strength. In its default state where he is relaxed the pulse only affects things directly under his touch or perhaps within a one foot radius of himself. Should he become excited or agitated then the sphere of the pulse could extend to at the most ten feet around him in all directions.

The tendency for things to break and for his utter inability to handle or understand electronics has led him to be something of a Luddite. If he were to actually be around electronic equipment then that equipment would need to be heavily shielded and even then would be placed under duress by direct contact.

The core of the energy transfer is indeed nuclear at its heart, but the power level is very low by an order of magnitude less than the smallest fission generator. He does exude a slight level of radiation which would render any attempt to X-Ray or digitally image his form as difficult though feasibly with range and/or fibre optics.



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