Benjamin Russell
Benjamin Russell
Portrayed By
Ryan Kwanten

Little boy lost.


  • Birthday: March 1st, 1998
  • Position: Comatose (formerly)
  • Fame: None
  • Family: Langston Russell, Father - Declared dead. Allyson London Russell, Mother - Declared dead


Benjamin has the mutant ability to absorb sound waves from his surrounding environment and store it within his body. The stored energy can then be used to generate powerful vibratory shock waves that can disrupt matter. On the surface, it would appear that his mutant power is that of transduction: converting sound into concussive force.

In truth his ability works more along the principles of sympathetic resonance. He absorbs audible sound which his body processes and converts into inaudible sound. He then releases it as a concussive wave which causes correlated harmonics in other material objects. The result is that the objects in question shatter apart due to the resonance caused by the vibratory force.

Sound Absorption: Benjamin’s body constantly absorbs sound from the ambient noise level of his environment and stores it in his body as a source of his mutant power. He can absorb and store an unlimited amount of sound, the excess being released from his body harmlessly (see Mutant Physiology). However, it appears that his body does regulate the process so that only the sound within a certain threshold is soaked up. This is why Benjamin is able to hear things around him without being in a cone of silence all the time. Should he release all the energy stored within himself, it would take 24 hours for him to fully recharge.

Vibratory Wave: Benjamin can release his stored sound energy as inaudible waves of vibration which radiate outwards from his body. The force wave projects outward from Benjamin as the epicenter to a radius of 12 feet after which the shock wave dissipates. The wave form allow lessens in intensity as it travels away from him: full strength at origin, 50% at 6 ft, nil at 12 ft. At its source, the wave is powerful enough to cause materials up to the strength and durability of concrete to quite literally shake (read explode) apart. At the mid-range, it is able to destroy wood. At its edge it would rattle glass. Stronger objects (such as steel or iron) would be damaged and have their structure weakened by a blast at the source point but be completely unaffected at 6 ft out or further.

A human caught in the vibration wave would be hit by an incredible powerful concussive force, the equivalent of being run into by a large truck. Within 3 ft, they would be knocked down and suffer major fractures and bruising. At the midway, they would be knocked over and have minor to moderate bruises. At 12 ft out,they would feel the force of the blast, but not be harmed. While the blast is omnidirectional, human targets can move to the 6 - 12 ft range to lessen (or negate at 12+ ft) the force of the wave. Further, the wave causes damage to the first physical object it strikes, so human targets can hide behind any solid object thus shielding themselves.

At his current level of development, Benjamin is unable to regulate the strength of the wave. The current default is one full blast shock wave that immediately empties his reserves of energy. Benjamin is also unable to aim the emission of the shock wave. Thus he cannot project his vibratory force in a particular direction nor can he target anything particular object. As this is sound energy, Benjamin should theoretically be able to channel the wave through a suitable conductive material allowing him to direct the blast. However, this would require a higher level of control over his power than Benjamin currently has.

Feedback: Due to the highly concussive nature of his powers, Benjamin suffers the equivalent of ‘feedback’ when he uses his powers. In other words, when he releases a blast of vibratory force, he is hit with a reflected wave. This feedback wave is at a much reduced level than that the one he releases outwards. However it is still powerful enough to knock Benjamin unconscious if he does not brace himself against it. At the very least, it would feel like he had been tackled by a 200 lb football player. He would be left dazed and stunned, in excruciating pain and completely exhausted. As Benjamin’s power develops, his body will grow more accustomed and resilient to his vibratory wave, lessening the negative effects of the feedback.

Mutant Physiology: Benjamin is stronger, faster, more durable and more recuperative than regular humans. While not superhuman, his physiology is definitely enhanced allowing him to function at advanced human levels. Further, his system also metabolizes the sound energy that he stores within himself, giving him additional reserves and allowing him to function at this increased level. This is a secondary mutation, allowing his body to better withstand the stresses and pressure caused by his primary mutation (see Feedback).

* Strength: Benjamin is able to lift upwards to 400 lbs in a dead lift. He can lift that amount at maximum exertion.

* Speed & Agility: Benjamin can run at speeds up to 20 mph and maintain that top speed for about 5 minutes before needing to slow. He also has the agility and reflexes of an Olympic level athlete.

* Recovery: Benjamin's body is able to heal and recuperate from injury or disease at about 3 times faster than normal. While a small bone fracture (ex wrist) takes approx 6 weeks to heal in a normal adult, it would take Benjamin about 2 weeks to heal from it.

* Endurance: More physically durable, Benjamin has a much high pain threshold than normal and he is thus able to "shrug off" the effects of minor injuries. While his body still suffers the trauma of the injury, his sensitivity to the pain is less. Thus he is able to still physically function despite being injured. He could, for example, run on a sprained ankle.


Sports: Benjamin excels at all manner of sports and physical activities. He’s a jock’s jock and proud to be so. While he was at school, he was captain of various sports teams including baseball, football, karate, and basket ball. He rode horses, learned to skateboard, went swimming, skiing and hiking. He’s just naturally athletic and is able to pick up any such skill with relative ease.

Self-defense: Benjamin was schooled in self-defense (primarily karate) from an early age. While he’s no Bruce Lee by any stretch of the imagination, he can defend himself against attackers. The kid knows how to throw a kick or a punch and evade the same. In terms of skill, he could hold off 3-4 attackers (skill and mutant ability) or about 2 foes (with skill alone). He's no martial arts master, so he'd he would be hard pressed to hold off an expert fighter and then only with the combination of his skills and mutant physiology and a lot of luck.

Music: Benjamin has some natural musical ability. He is a passable singer, able to carry a tune and has a pleasant if not particularly amazing singing voice. Where he excels is with percussion instruments. Drums, cymbals, tympani, bells, or blocks: if you hit to make music, its right up his alley.

Rhythm: ‘I got rhythm, I got music….Who could ask for anything more?’ Ben has been blessed with a natural sense of rhythm and timing. While this most obviously manifests in his musicality, it also extends to his physicality. The boy can move with a great degree of natural grace and finesse; Handy for such things as dancing, skating boarding, gymnastics, martial arts….


Trust Fund: Not as affluent as it sounds, but Ben has access to a trust set up for him by his Grandparents. It contains their entire estate plus those of his parents (not much at all). The cash value of it is about a hundred thousand dollars or so. It’s enough for him to start a new life, but not enough for him to be independently wealthy. With a few days notice, he might be able to get up to $1000. Within a day, he could get about $200.

Weisman Institute: The Doctors and Nurses at the Institute are the only people who know Ben, though he doesn’t know them in a true sense having been unconscious all that time. In a pinch he could possible reach out to them for minor assistance or information. Most likely that would be a long shot at best.


Out of Touch: Benjamin has been in a coma for about 4 years. As the song says, what a difference a day makes. Just imagine how much of a difference 1460 days can make? Ben has awoken into a world very different than the one he remembers. This has left Benjamin feeling disconnected and out of synch with everything and everyone around him. He very much feels like a stranger in a strange world.

TV Junkie: Every waking moment that he gets, Benjamin is literally glued to the television. He will watch copious amounts of TV, flipping through all kinds of programming. Ironically, the only things he does not watch are News programs and reality TV. Anything else is fair game. Most likely it’s a coping mechanism. Feeling out of touch with the real world, he is trying to escape into the fantasy world of television.

Orphan: Though legally an adult (almost), Benjamin is an orphan. His grandparents are dead and his parents, missing since the manifestation of his mutant powers, have been declared dead. He has been left in the world all by his lonesome with one where to belong and no one to call his own. Not the best situation to be in when you’ve just woke up from a four year nap. Needless to say, Ben is desperately looking for somewhere to belong, for a sense of family.

Guilt: Realizing that you are a mutant and that you caused your own near-fatal accident and may have killed your loving parents in the process is a hard load for any kid to bear. Talk about teenage angst! Words cannot express the amount of guilt and blame Benjamin feels.

Unregistered Mutant: Having been in a coma during the height of the mutant hysteria, Benjamin was fortunate to have missed all this fuss about mandatory registration. Though he has been off the radar for the past four years, he is about to enter into the thick of things. Not so good to be unregistered when you are walking around NYC with an uncontrolled, flashy mutant power with Sentinels roaming about.



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Watch For

  • His constant need for family and sense of belonging.
  • His over-the-top level of teen angst.
  • His naivety & gullibility.


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