Alison Blaire
Alison Blaire
Portrayed By
Blake Lively

Daughter of rock legend Katherine Blaire, Alison performs as the masked incognito singer, The Dazzler. She spent her teenage years in London, but after her mother's death by suicide or overdose, she's relocated to New York, where she hopes to start over.


  • Birthday: November 6, 1991
  • Position: Celebutante
  • Fame: Famous mother, life lived in tabloids
  • Family: Katherine Blaire, mother (deceased); Carter Blaire, father (estranged); The Evil Stepmother


Light Powers <Overview>

Alison's power is such that she can turn sound waves into differing types of lights. Ordinarily, this light will manifest itself in regular bursts of plain white light containing all the colours of the spectrum. However, with varying degrees of concentration, Alison can alter the colour, brightness, direction, and duration.

It takes only minimal concentration to change the colour of her lights and to turn them into small, simple patterns. She can makes these dance and very finely control their direction as long as they're kept at the usual brightness. Increasing the brightness is the most taxing of her abilities and to make a light brighter than a 200W incadescent bulb requires at least half her concentration (meaning she can continue singing OR some minimal fighting).

Her power defaults to 'off' so that she has to consciously will it to happen. There's a minimum threshold for the volume of the sound she can use as well: about the level of a human voice in speech for smaller effects, and raised in a shout or song for her larger effects. While she can use any source of sound to the same end (the noise of a car crash or a symphony of equal duration are the same as far as her powers are concerned), she prefers to use music as the familiarity and rhythm makes it easier for her to focus her powers. There is no limit to the amount of sound she can absorb and release as light.

Blinding Strobe

Alison can, with great effort, produce a blaze of light that is several thousand watts and capable of blinding people temporarily. Currently, she is only able to make the blast of light last for three seconds and then must rest for at least ten minutes before she can use it again. If she pushes herself, she can bring it up to five seconds but she will be too exhausted to use her powers again for the next hour and may even risk passing out.

The effects of looking directly at her during this power use will blind a normal person for about sixty times as long as the duration of the look (so looking at it for one second blinds a person for about a minute). People with heightened senses may find this increases, depending on their sensitivity to light.

Equilibrium Upset

With great focus, Alison can create a confusing and chaotic pattern of flashing and wildly moving lights that will upset the balance of anyone looking upon it. She can keep this up for about five minutes provided her focus isn't broken in that time. Balance is usually restored within a few seconds of her turning off the power or the victim having the wherewithal to close his eyes.


She has also learned how to use these patterns to put people into a trance or a dazed state. Depending on their level of suggestibility, they may go completely into the trance or they may just suddenly find themselves sluggish and unable to move quickly. Alison can keep this up for ten minutes provided her focus isn't broken and the person doesn't close his eyes. However, under the effects of this entrancing power, it may be hard for him to think or be able to close them. The effects of the trance fade within ten seconds once the light source is gone.


Part of Alison's mutation protects her eyes and ears so that her own powers and outside sources don't hurt her. She cannot be blinded by light or deafened by loud noises, regardless of the source. Even extremely loud noises do not cause her discomfort or have any negative side effects for her.



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Watch For

  • Her mother's fame and her habit of ending up in British tabloids making her a little bit infamous.
  • Her utter inability to actually deal with reality.
  • Her astounding addictive personality.
  • Her dislike of the press and gossip.
  • The fact that she still has not yet allowed herself to deal with her mother's death.
  • That she is going to try to launch a career as the masked singer, Dazzler.


"Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate." - Emily Dickinson

Set List

Thank You For the Music by ABBA

Thank you for the music, // The songs I'm singing. // Thanks for all the joy // They're bringing. // Who can live without it, // I ask in all honesty. // What would life be? // Without a song or a dance, // What are we? // So I say thank you for the music, // For giving it to me.

Celebrity Skin by Hole

You want a part of me? // Well, I'm not selling cheap. // No, I'm not selling cheap.

Club Thing by Yoav

And one thing's for sure, one thing's for certain // That if you get behind the velvet curtain, // You'll see, there nothing's as sweet as it looks on my TV.

Smoke Baby by Hawksley Workman

And I have never felt // Quite this close to hell. // All this rock and roll baby, // Only time will tell. // But we're young now, having fun now, // On the town now, Get around now. // It's fine for now, // But someday we'll settle down. // But not now, baby.


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