Alex Masters
Alex Masters (Summers)
Portrayed By
Paul Walker

Havok: The Series
Thursday Nights. 8PM. FOX.


  • Birthday: May 3, 1992
  • Position: Rising Star
  • Fame: Star of the Fastlane franchise and Havok: The Series
  • Family: Christopher Summers (biological father, deceased), Katherine Anne Summers (biological mother, deceased), Nathaniel Masters (adoptive father), Veronica Masters (adoptive mother), Scott Summers (brother, supposed to be deceased)

Hailing from the frozen utopia that has come to be known as Anchorage, Alaska, Alex Summers was born into an already up and coming family. His parents, USAF Major Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers, were the patriarchs of his family, while his older brother, Scott, turned out to be what would probably be considered the prodigal heir to the Alaskan empire. Thrust into a short-term childhood, though, Alex did the only thing he could do in Alaska: look up to his older brother. He never got the chance to idolize him, though, as the Summers family was destined for tragedy.

It was supposed to be the perfect family outing. A scenic flight to be followed by a picnic and quality time with his brother and parents. That's what he heard, anyway. Fate had something else in store, though, as some outside force rocked Christopher's plane with more turbulence than could be considered kosher. The effects were devastating, to say the least and the plane was going down like a ton of bricks. Parental instincts kicked in and Kate went to work and strapped both a parachute and Alex to Scott, before shoving them out into the open air. While the plane sailed off to crash, Scott and Alex were blessed with a rough, but survivable, landing.

Alex woke up in the hospital, next to his brother. Unfortunately, his brother didn't wake up. Upon learning that Scott was in a coma (and what a coma was) Alex devoted his days to being there for his brother and trying to wake him up in whatever non-physical way he knew how. Meanwhile, the doctors and the State were hard at work trying to find some foster care for Alex. This was something that, even at such a young age, Alex was vehemently against. He wouldn't turn his back on his brother. He refused to just go off and have a life without Scott. As this became more painfully obvious, due to the way Alex would cling to bars of Scott's bed, the social workers and doctors did the only thing they could possibly do. They lied.

Enter Nathaniel and Veronica Masters. An excruciatingly wealthy couple that come from old money and continued to make more through their technological research company, Masters International. They had recently lost their son in an unrelated accident, but managed to find out about these poor Summers boys through the media and other venues. They traveled all the way up the coast from the delicious Hills of Beverly to accept young Alexander as one of their own. Alex's reluctancy is what caused the social workers to tell him that his brother had died. Doctors showed him the now empty room and soon enough he was introduced to the Masters family. Without any family left, Alex allowed himself to be whisked off by his new legal guardians.


Life at the Masters Estate was both good and bad, in the beginning. Alex wasn't comfortable in their house and they were still trying to get over the loss of their original son. Alex seemed to clash with his adoptive parents at every turn. They wanted him to be more like Todd, their late son. Nathaniel even caught himself calling the new kid Todd on numerous occasions. However, nothing bad lasts forever and eventually Alex warmed up to his parents and they started to see and appreciate him for himself, not as the replacement Todd. This grew into love and eventually Alex taking on the last name of Masters, officially resigning himself to becoming a part of a new family.

A lot of what helped the integration from Summers to Masters was how Alex was treated in school. Living in the posh neighborhood of Beverly Hills entitled Alex to going to the most top notch schools in the area. Not only that, but he was the new, adopted from tragedy, son of some wealthy benefactors and alumni, which always seemed to come into play whenever Alex's playfully deviant behavior would get him into trouble with the faculty. He would be punished, but never severely. Always with the slap on the wrist. Schools didn't want to risk losing extremely large donations from his parents, after all.

It wasn't until high school did Alex really start to shine. Very much the rising star, Alex was the only freshman that made the varsity football team. He managed to pull himself into the second string quarterback position and that helped to fuel his popularity, as he proved to be a valuable asset to the team. But popularity is always a double edged sword and where there is smoke, there's usually fire. Or at least some jealous idiots that want to take away the limelight from someone as deserving as young Alex Masters.

Since entering high school, Alex has had a bit of a weakness for the opposite sex. A fact that's well known by the Beverly Hills High School student body and then some. Like the students at rival schools. After the homecoming game, which Beverly Hills High won by the way, Alex was traversing through the empty parking lot when he noticed that one of the rival school's cheerleaders was in dire need of some assistance. Not that Alex was even knowledgeable in what made cars tick, the fact that this curvy temptress was bent over to check underneath the hood, well, that was all he needed. The moment he started poking around, though, she moved those quick hands of hers and slapped a pair of handcuffs around his wrist, locking the other cuff to some random hose of the car! It was a trap!

Childish pranks were all the rage in high school and thus this was no exception. The moment the cheerleader stepped back, a big ol' truck came screeching into the lot, filled with half the football team and many cartons of eggs. One after another the eggs came flying at poor Alex, who couldn't defend himself. He was stuck. Adrenaline started pumping as he tried to deflect the egging with one hand, but it was no use. Humiliation was setting in, especially as the gathered cheerleaders were laughing at his plight. The laughter came to a cease, though, when Alex screamed in rage. The car he was handcuffed to both exploded and incinerated at the same time. The handcuff melting instantly allowed Alex's body to be hurled across the parking lot.

Alex's awakening was at home, in his bed, with his parents looking over him. Beyond a bump on his head and a few scrapes and bruises from colliding with the concrete, he was just fine. Alex kept the event from his parents, claiming that the car must've had some kind of faulty wiring and he made it a point to leave out the fact that he felt like he was the one that caused the explosive incineration in the first place. This was something he was going to have to look into on his own, before he burdened his parents with it. Especially, with the recent mutant activity and subsequent hatred that seemed to be building more and more with each mutant account.

Alex spent the rest of his high school career keeping a high profile. He became one of the most popular kids in school, the star quarterback, a slightly above average student and more. Time that wasn't spent hanging out or at football practice was spent in the back acres of the Masters Estate where Alex taught himself how to control his ability. He would spend hours at a time, each day, making sure that he wouldn't become a random danger to his parents or anyone around him. He didn't want to end up like those mutants he saw on television. He couldn't end up like them. He wouldn't.

Graduation Day. Went off without a hitch. But this was also the day that Alex decided he needed to tell his parents about what he could do. They hadn't given him his gift yet and he wanted to be honest with them. If he was going to get kicked out, he might as well do it now. After he's managed to get a solid education. He brought them out to where he had been practicing for the past three years. It was a semi-barren section of the land, with trees burnt to crisps and others struggling to grow. With nervous hesitation, he planted his hands together and focused, concentrating on letting the energy flow from his palms rather than the entirety of his body. Both Nathaniel and Veronica were shocked, but not appalled. Instead of the hatred that Alex was sure he was going to get, he was embraced and reassured of their love. Then Nathaniel gave him the keys to his present: an Aston Martin DBS.

Though, his quarterbacking ability scored him a scholarship, after a talking over with his parents, the politely declined the offer. He had another plan for action and it involved heading down the road to Hollywood. After a couple of auditions and a handful of bit parts, commercials and extra work, Alex landed his first starring role in a street racing flick called Fastlane. It was this film that skyrocketed him to fame. His performance helped Fastlane become one of the major blockbusters of the summer and sparked the street racing film franchise that swept the nation. Alex Masters was headed for the big time.


First, though, he was headed somewhere else. While he was under contract with Marvelous Studios for a multi-picture deal, it came to his attention that the MRA was in full cracking down mode. Lucky for Alex, Marvelous Studios was neither for or against the MRA. Nor did it really hold any position on mutants in general. Marvelous Studios was more focused on making money than anything else. And when Alex dropped the bomb on them that he was a mutant, well, their reaction was dollar signs for eyeballs.

Upon registering, Alex Masters became an even bigger star in the eyes of Marvelous Studios. Also, by doing that, Alex forced Marvelous Studios to open its doors wider as one of the companies that openly accepted and hired registered mutants. Figuring the best way to capitalize on Alex's new registered mutant status, as well as appeal to the general public that's living in a time of war, Marvelous Studios took their cash cow to the best possible place for him to be: television.

Havok: The Series. The new Marvelous Studios television series about an ex-con that gets a second chance at freedom when he becomes the guinea pig for an experimental power suit and used to fight crime. With this new show being filmed on location in New York, the official spokesmutant for Marvelous Studios has been relocated to the Rotten Apple, as he's always the star of this show. Taking on the role of Havok (obviously), Alex hopes to make a big enough impact in world of entertainment that maybe real life won't suck so bad.

Everybody needs a dream, right?


Energy Absorption: Alexander has the involuntary ability to absorb cosmic energy. This energy comes in many forms, such as starlight, x-rays, gamma radiation and so on, and all are capable of being absorbed by Alex. He cant control this and couldnt turn it off he wanted to. His body will always absorb the energies from the air and any energy radiating sources, no matter if hes conscious or not. The absorption rate at which this happens is unknown, but it doesnt take long for him to get "recharge" once hes had to discharge all of his "juice", so to speak. His body will automatically spread the absorbed energy throughout his body, as well as convert it through his metabolism, into the plasma energy that it comes off his body as. Should he fully expend his cosmic energy reserve, it takes him 16.5 hours to fully "recharge", based on the amount of cosmic radiation he can get his body to feed on. Despite this, Alex can absorb a vast amount of energy at once, should the energy be available, without causing harm to himself. He is a veritable cosmic energy sponge.


Energy Discharge: Thanks to the energy that his body absorbs, Alex has the ability to discharge and release the absorbed energy as plasma. His body converts the energy from an ambient power source to a super heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles.This plasma thats created will initially come off his body in harmless and invisible waves, at a gradual and slow pace, once he's reached his full capacity of energy intake. However, when focused and actually trying to do something with the energy in his body, Alexs discharged energy can have either a yellow or blue hue tinted to it, as well as becoming a more dangerous substance.

When it comes off his body in blue, that's just plain plasma energy that can still pack quite a wallop, for all intents and purposes. While the yellow hued plasma energy comes off hot and tends to be twice as intense as the blue plasma. They are both the same type of energy, just different levels of it. Regardless of the color, the style of emanation is the same, as it comes off his body in concentric circles. The range of his plasma energy discharge varies slightly, depending on the type of discharging he's doing.

One thing that Alex focused his training on was the longevity at which he's capable of dispelling the energy trapped within his body. He is capable of going strong for about 7 minutes, without showing signs of fatigue. Of course, that changes depending on the intensity at which he's expelling energy. The more powerful or focused the discharging, the quicker that time depletes. Usually, anything beyond 7 minutes of constant energy discharging and Alex will start rapidly weakening.


Plasma Blast:This is the primary offensive function of discharged energy that comes from Alex. His plasma blasts can be as long or as short as he wants. They can even become long beams of plasma, much like his brothers Optic Beams. Hes very versatile with his blasts, as hes always had to deal with them. Thus, hes managed to master the art of discharging his plasma blasts. These blast and bolts of plasma are capable of burning through most mundane materials (glass, wood, most metals, brick), however, massively strong materials like diamond, Adamantium (and similar metals) or incredibly thick rock or marble, will provide protection against the energy. Granted, the material may still heat up, due to the plasma burning against it, but should provide sufficient protection against it the physical force behind these blasts. When it comes to these blasts getting through their different materials, time is of the essence. For weaker, thinner materials, the plasma can tear through them in less than fifteen seconds. However, the rate rises from there. The stronger the material, the harder it is to blast through. Thick metals can take up to a full minute, while stronger substances may not get burned/blasted through at all. Again, though, these times can be shortened slightly, depending on the blasts intensity.

When he chooses to discharge the energy in this manner, it's like he's throwing around plasma energy. The heat at which theyre discharged can be controlled by Alex. Contrary to popular belief, Alexs plasma blasts are not concussive in force. Instead, its speculated that the vast difference in temperature from the heated plasma and the object in question, can cause these objects to shatter, explode or even disintegrate, depending. Things made from glass or other easily breakable materials will tend to shatter. Metals tend to melt, though can explode if they are too compact. Disintegration occurs when the material is so soft or weak to be able to withstand the intense burning plasma.

Alex's plasma blasts harmless to him, as he is immunes to his own power. It should be noted, however, that discharging the plasma energy from his body in a controlled manner such as this takes a very exhaustive toll on Alex and his body. Since this is the more powerful of the uses, it takes more out of him. His range with the Plasma Blast is about 7 yards, before it starts to dissipate and become ambient energy with the atmosphere again. His plasma blasts tend to be yellow hued.


Plasma Wave: This can be considered both an offensive and defensive function of the charged energy that is stored within the body of Alex. Without focus or concentration, Alex an emit the cosmic energy stored within his body in an omnidirectional wave from the center of his body. Circles of plasma energy will emanate from his body, stacking and building on top of each other and increasing in size until he cuts it off or he runs out of energy to discharge. Plasma Waves, depending on intensity, can cause massive amounts of destructive damage. By default, the Plasma Waves merely cause severe cranial pain to those within range. As for inanimate objects, they will likely be broken down slowly but surely, cracking/burning/melting under the pressure. However, at its highest level, it would literally be like a massive explosion of power or energy, ripping/tearing/burning through objects in its path. Within the pre-specified limitations, of course.

The same effect can happen from the Plasma Wave as the Plasma Blast, though Alex can turn up or down the speed and rate at which the plasma is released from his body in this form. By sheer nature of this ability, the energy is released at a much higher rate, since it's coming from all over his body, rather than being concentrated through his arms. This makes the Plasma Wave inherently weaker than the Plasma Blasts, but still capable creating destruction through nearly anything. It just takes a bit longer. However, in terms of protecting Alex from harm, this acts as something of a forcefield, capable of burning incoming attacks, should they be of a more physical ad solid nature. Energy attacks will, more than likely, get through but only to be absorbed by Alex's body. The range on the Plasma Wave is about a 5 yard radius from his body, as the waves stack on each other to increase the damage done exponentially. Again, after the 5 yard mark, the plasma waves dissipate into the ether. Initially, the Plasma Waves are blue in color, but can be increased to yellow with focus.

Plasma Punch: A variation of his Plasma Blast that creates a burning bubble of plasma around his fist to be used to add some bite to his classic physical combat moves. This takes less concentration to do, but more concentration to maintain, as Alex must keep focused on controlling the energy swarming around his fists, lest it go out of control and explode all over the place. This comes with the same effects and properties as the rest of his plasma discharging, though it does augment his strength a bit, giving him a sufficient boost when connecting with a target. When being used on living beings, the Plasma Punch will have a painful burning effect, while objects will vary depending on their type. The results of which are very similar to the previously mentioned results of burning, disintegration and explosions. The range of the Plasma Punch is only about six inches away from his knuckles, keeping the energy short and compact, ready to explode on impact. The color of this particular stunt varies, depending on the intensity of the plasma energy that's being discharged is being used at.


Plasma Pain: Not everything that comes off Alex's body is a destructive blast of energy. Alex can control the level of energy that's being used off his body and when it comes off his body at the lowest possible setting, it can be considered Plasma Pain. The emanated energy may not physically harm human or mutant targets within the grip of this low end discharge, but they will find themselves suffering from a severely painful headache. Plasma Pain can be induced through targeted means or just by expanding a low end plasma wave from his body to hit multiple targets at once. It falls prey to a lower range, since it's a weaker usage, only capable of painfully headaching those within 7 yards. This is always blue hued.

Flight: By directing the energy discharge in a downward thrust, Alex is capable of taking flight. This takes limited concentration to do. Basic flight speed is about 30 miles an hour. However, taking into account the more intense and powerful discharges that can come from Alex, there's the possibility of reaching a max speed of about 70 miles per hour. Regardless of the rate of emanation, Alex can travel no faster than 70 miles per hour on his own power merits. The classic flight tends to leave a trail of blue energy, while the faster speeds (above 35) will take on the yellow hue.

Immunities: As a by product of his mutant ability, Alex has become virtually immune to a small number of things. The first of them being heat. He's capable of withstanding extreme and intense levels of heat to the point that, well, the hotter something is, the more immune to the heat Alex is. Low end heat, such as a hot stove or coffee, will still take effect, but more intense heat, like what would come from a volcano, would effectively do nothing to Alex whether it be short or long term. The same goes for radiation. The more intense or the higher the amount of radiation, the less harmful it becomes to Alex. Of course, given that radiation in low levels is hardly radiation at all, it would seem that Alex is more immune to radiation than he is to heat. In addition to his energy immunities, Alex is immune to the mutant ability of Scott Summers, his brother.


Clutch: Alex Masters is always someone that you can count on, but you don't know you can count on him. Back in high school, he would always be able to come through in the clutch. It's how they took State Championships two years in a row. He's the man to go to when there's nowhere else to turn. This extends to his personal and professional life, somehow, as Alex just seems to do better when he's under the most pressure. It really puts things in perspective for him, thus enabling him to do his best.

Martial Arts: Nowhere near being a master or anything, Alex is in constant training with the studio's hired martial artist and personal trainer. Alex is gradually becoming more and more adept in Kickboxing. Though, a lot of stuff is done by his stuntman, Alex still needs to learn this stuff for close up shots and things of that nature. Should his martial arts training ever come into question, within the dreaded real life, Alex would be able to defend himself against no more than three unarmed assailants. Even less when they're carrying weapons.


Athleticism: Naturally athletic was toned and honed once he joined the high school football team. It was through his time of being on this team that he learned how to take care of himself and workout and everything else that goes along with it. He now maintains a rigorous workout schedule and manages to keep himself in speak physical condition. If only to give the ladies something deliciously epic to look at.

Football: Alex was the star quarterback through most of his high school scholastic career and therefore Alex is pretty well versed in the game of football. He even throws a huge super bowl party every year. To him, football is America's past-time and there's something to be said about a man that's into sports. And cheerleaders. Especially, the cheerleaders.

Pop Culture: Being a part of pop culture has helped Alex to become very well versed in it. He keeps up with all the latest fads and trends, even going so far as to create some himself. He's hip to the latest music and hottest bands and things of that ilk, which he doesn't hesitate to show off his knowledge of. This includes puns and turns of phrase.

Driving: Alexander Masters was trained by race car drivers and stunt drivers in the art of driving combative. A skill he needed to master for the Fastlane franchise. It has carried over into his real life and now he's a top notch driver. He doesn't know much else about cars, as the rest of what he knows was just from the script, but he knows how to use these automobiles of transportation for more than just getting from point A to point B.

Resourceful: Contrary to even his own beliefs, Alex is a very resourceful individual. He tends to be naturally gifted into using his surroundings to his advantage. He pays more attention than he knows to his environment and will gravitate towards things that he believes can assist him in endeavors, whether they be combative or showing off some hidden talent he's pretending to have to impress some foxy ladies. Whatever works.

Recall Memory: A learned technique from back in high school, Alex was always able to recall the football plays in his head. It was less memorization and more visualization of the actual chalkboard so that he could see the play all over again in his head. The same talent extended to working in Hollywood, as he would just recall pages of the script to read his lines off. It's a strange memorization technique that works for him.

Acting: Unlike some of the action stars of yesteryear and even currently, Alex can actually act. We're not going to say that he's worth nominating for any Oscars or anything, but he's capable of carrying a movie with believability and can only continue to get better.


Star Power: Being a Hollywood Celebrity is something that can assist Alex in his daily life. Depending on who he's dealing with, he could possibly get all sorts of favors or assistance. As well as getting special treatment in some places or with people that are fans of him. It usually means he needs to pose for a picture or sign an autograph, but those are two things that Alex loves to do so there's no problem there.

Masters International: His adoptive father's company is a technological research firm that dabbles in technology used in a variety of different programs, but specifically in techs that are used to deal with the mutants in a vast number of ways. This company will, according to paperwork, fall into the control of Alexander in the event of Nathaniel's death. Being the heir to this technological empire comes with the perks of having one of the highest security clearances at the company. He can get his hands on anything his father can, with permission from Staff via +Request.

Marvelous Studios: As an actor in Hollywood, Alex has signed a semi-exclusive contract with Marvelous Studios. He's signed onto a multi-picture deal encompassing the Fastlane franchise, another action franchise, two comedies and options on television work. In exchange for this, Marvelous Studios cuts Alex a huge check for each of his films, gives him a percentage of the royalties and merchandising rights, as well as pay for his travel and living expenses when he's on location.


Family: Nathaniel and Veronica Masters will do anything and everything for their son. They aren't exactly Pro or Anti Mutant, so much as they are just lovers of their son, Alex. They've been trying to give him the world since they adopted him and they won't hesitate to do whatever he needs. Sometimes, they don't even ask questions, if Staff approves the +Request.

Car Collection: It started with his graduation present. Then a couple of the cars from Fastlane were given to him by the studios. Then he kept the main car from Fastlane 2: Cruise Control. And now he's started to spend his surplus cash on cars. He doesn't have a particular style he collects, more just going for cars that he likes the look of. Even rich bastards need a hobby, right?

Containment Suit: Designed by the technological geniuses at his adoptive father's company, Alex's containment suit is designed to help him control and regulate the cosmic energy stored within his body. The suit was designed with his latest acting project in mind and styled in a more 'superhero' fashion, to allow the suit to be worn on the show. The sleek black suit is adorned with clunky silver gauntlets, with matching boots and kneepads. In the center of his chest is a large metal register, which glows with his power. This acts as a meter to measure the amount of energy Alex has stored up within his body. Radiating from the register in his chest are power lines that zig and zag over his chest and down his arms. While wearing this suit, Alex's chances of losing control of his powers are drastically reduced, as it has been designed to dampen the discharge, should a loss of control happen.

Wealth: Alex Masters, ever since he was adopted, has been wealthy. In addition to being the heir to his father's fortune, his success in Hollywood has shown him that he can earn money on his own. It's hard to estimate what he's worth, but to say that he's a millionaire wouldn't be stretching it in the least, when looking the combined assets of himself and his parents. Ka-Ching!

Living Arrangements: While in New York to film Havok, Alex has been giving a posh, luxury apartment with all the expensive fixings up on the Upper East Side. All expenses being paid for by Marvelous Studios.


Spoiled Brat: Ever since Alex became a Masters, he's had the world handed to him on a silver platter with a side of diamonds. This has given him a sense of entitlement that maybe he doesn't deserve. So when things don't go his way, he tends to act like a bit of a spoiled brat, which may include pouting or whining, until he gets what he wants. It's never really a pretty sight, amongst other things.

Traumatized: Alex had a very, very bad beginning to his childhood. And that's something that continues to haunt him all the way to this day. The loss of his parents, what happened to his brother, all of these things continue to weigh heavily on his mind and soul, seeing as how he never really took the proper time to deal with the losses. He's an emotional wreck, but even he doesn't know it.


Naive: Not to be confused with being an idiot, Alex is just a bit naive to the ways of the world. He's been raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and given a chance at the high life, which kind of kept him away from the true dangers and real life. Alex lives in his own little fantasy world where everything always works out, or in his favor and thus he's susceptible to falling for things that most men his age wouldn't do.

Immature: Unlike some people that are in this age bracket, Alexander hasn't had the pleasure of growing up yet. He's still in his immature state of mind and continues to believe that everything is a big game or a joke. He refuses to grow up, knowing that responsibility will be soon to follow and thus his actions and reactions may always lean towards a more childish approach to things. This can't be a good thing.

Womanizer: Alex has women issues. They all don't stem from that crazy cheerleader in his past, but she helps. No, Alex has never really been able to settle down with just one girl. He just doesn't have that state of mind and this comes out every time he enters a relationship. He can't commit. He can't be serious long enough to try and make it work. And to top it all off, he sort of considers women as a means to an end. That end being sex. Obviously, Nathaniel never taught Alex the value of a good woman. Oh well.

Drama King: Alex has some serious overreaction issues. When he becomes frustrated or annoyed, he can't stop himself from making a scene or a spectacle of himself. It just comes with the territory of being Alex Masters. He will always go to great lengths to make himself out to be the victim in any situation that may come up, verbal confrontation wise and will try to make sure that everyone around knows it.

Famous: Alex Masters has had his face plastered all over the big screen, billboards, television and then some. He has a very known face and that makes him target. Whether it be paparazzi or some other, darker, criminal element, fame is not always the best thing to have. Especially, when you can't make a move without some tabloid or website ratting you out to the entire world.

Attention Whore: It's no secret that Alex Masters loves attention. He practically thrives in it. He will go out of his way to be fashionably late, just to get some extra attention. He will try and showoff or attempt feats that he knows he's incapable of accomplishing, if there are enough people watching. This can prove to be disastrous if there's something important on the line… like lives.

Registered Mutant: Alex Masters is a registered mutant. Which basically means the government knows everything that goes on in his life and is keeping very close tabs on him. He has to report any and all changes to his lifestyle, as well as keep himself in a good light, as to not invoke the fury of Sentinels. It sucks.

Power Instability: While Alex has taught himself how to use and control his powers, nobody can keep stable the levels of energy that stay in his body. Alex runs the continuous risk of losing control of his power and expelling energy at random, in a destructive and unintentional manner. This risk is even greater when the proper, regulated attire is not being worn.


Abandonment Issues: The way Alex sees it, everyone left him. His biological parents, his brother, they all left him. The only people that were ever there for him were the Masters. Still, even with them, Alex fears that they won't always be there. He has a real issue, possibly even a phobia, of being left by his lonesome. He doesn't want to end up all alone and fights this every day by surrounding himself with everybody he possibly can get his hands on.

Superiority Complex: Maybe it has something to do with his tendency to be popular or the fact that he's surrounding by Yes Men all day long. His agent is the biggest one, to be perfectly honest. But Alex seems to waltz around with a holier than thou attitude. Not to the point of being obnoxiously rude. His dissing is much more subtle, especially hen it comes to the fact that no woman is good enough for him and things like that. He does think he's better than you, no matter who you are and what you've done.

Power Dependent: Since the manifestation of his powers, Alex has become somewhat reliant on his mutant ability. He uses it every chance he gets, from small things to huge things. He doesn't even try to hide it. All of this leads to some bad news when it comes to doing things on his own. Should his power ever be negated or hindered, he would very likely suffer some sort of panic session in which he freaks out about everything.



Secret Commercial: 2011, Young Man

  • It's a little known fact that Alex Masters played a young man in a commercial for Secret Deoderant. His role was to try and put on what was strong enough for a man, but it was made for his girlfriend. This was not a speaking role.

Crest Commercial: 2011, Young Man

  • Commercials were the key to Alex's beginning. His charming and flawless smile is what landed him another non-speaking role on a Crest commercial. Big smiles, everyone!

Nike Commercial: 2011, Quarterback

  • Alex's first speaking role was in a commercial for Nike. Taking into account his high school football career, he explained his workout regimen and focus. This was part of the Just Do It campaign.

Zombies Stole My Car: 2011, Zombie Jock

  • Alex's role in this really bad flick was one filled with more moaning and grunting than actual lines. The best thing about this film was the make-up, which makes it harder to tell that this is actually Alex Masters.

Daytona: 2012, Rush

  • This "spring break" film became a cult classic with teenagers of this era. Alex starred as the film's loud-talking, brash and jerky football star. His entire role was to throw footballs, make sex jokes and fight the film's underdog.

Teen Angel: 2012, Dean

  • Growing in popularity, Alex landed the co-starring role of Dean in this low-budget B flick, where he played the guardian angel of a young man trying to find his place in the world.

Flight School: 2013, Crash

  • Alex's speaking roles are growing as he gets the job of playing the best worst pilot trainee in this slapstick comedy.

Fastlane: 2013, Brian

  • Alex's big break was landing the role of Brian in this epic street racing flick. He plays an undercover cop that gets caught up between doing his job and his loyalty to his target.

Law & Order STFU: 2013, Damien

  • Alex guest-starred as the criminal on one of the many Law & Orders.

Locksley: 2013, Robin Hood (Voice)

  • Alex lent his voice to one of the most famous outlaws of legend, in this new animated adaptation of the classic Robin Hood tale. Only on the Disney Channel.

Tony Hawk's Winter Take All Christmas Special: 2013, Himself

  • Alex showed up to help Tony Hawk skate through the holidays in this extreme sport Christmas special for those that dared to watch as Tony led his skaters through all the tricks to having a merry, and safe, skater Christmas.

Fastlane 2 - Cruise Control: 2014, Brian

  • Alex's performance sparked the talks of a Fastlane franchise and thus he returned to reprise his role. As an ex-cop now, Brian fights to get his record cleared by taking down a nationwide drug transporting operation.

Fastlane 3 - 3rd Gear: 2015, Brian

  • Alex is back as Brian once more, this time he's been given the assignment to take his old friend from the first film across country to testify. Of course, everyone and their mother is trying to kill them.

Havok: 2016, Havok

  • Based on the comic book of the same name, Alex has landed the starring role in this superhero-centered television series.

Havok: The Series


Torn right from the pages of the comic book, comes this epic journey into the world of action and adventure. Riley Scott was not your average con artist. He was better than the best. However, when some of his past enemies set him up to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit (but would've) he was thrown into slammer. Presumably, to never be heard from again.

However, a secret government agency had been ordered to find a guinea pig to test out some new technological advances created to help police the growing problem of genetically altered humans that has been growing in recent years. They approached Riley with this opportunity and he accepted. It was the best chance he would have to see the light of day again, as well as find the people who set him up and put them away for good.

Riley Scott



Alex Masters as Riley Scott/Havok
Natasha Wright as Jersey Michaels
Rebecca Hartgrove as Dr. Vanessa Cross
Stanford Jones as The Wiz
Jon Vanderbilt as General Washington

Episode One: Cry Havok (Series Premiere)

  • International thief and con man, Riley Scott, is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Soon after his incarceration, he's given the chance to join a government based work release program called The Outfit. As part of The Outfit, Riley is trained in the use of an armored suit prototype that will allow him to be evenly matched with threats to the nation's soil that are a bit more unorthodox than the usual suspects. Given the codename Havok, and a team of agents to watch both him and the suit, Riley's first mission is to stop some crazed environmentalist that's threatened to destroy the planet with the one thing that she fights most to protect: Mother Nature.

Episode Two: Dogs of War

  • Riley struggles with trying to keep his identity a secret from his most recent female conquest. At the same time, Dr. Cross has made some sonic enhancements to the suit, which she's dying to test out. She finds out that she's going to get her chance, when an assignment comes down the pipeline to their operation involving an ex-marine that's had his DNA spliced with canines in order to keep him alive. Set on revenge against the government agency that did this to him, the ex-marine (that calls himself Breed) kidnaps General Washington and it's up to Havok to pull off the rescue and make it to his date in time to seal that deal.

Watch For

  • His spoiled brattitude.
  • His spokesmutanting.
  • His shameless self-promotion.
  • His fear of commitment.
  • His blonde moments.
  • His blind loyalty.
  • His Pro-Registration antics.


  • "Yes. THE Alex Masters."


Coming Soon.


Registered Mutants: Now, this isn't to say that Alex thinks he's better and frighteningly above unregistered mutants (He Is), this is more because I think it would be an interesting dynamic to see how registered and unregistered mutants interact, differ and whatnot from each other. Could prove to be interesting, with or without the references to Marvel's Civil War.

Babes: No Alex Masters wanted list would be complete without mentioning babes. It had to be done. Just like the apps for such need to be done.

Entertainment Industry: Members of the entertainment industry are always welcome. Humans, mutants, secretaries, publicists, models, paparazzi… there's a whole shebang of viable options and worthy character idea fodder out there. It's just a matter of taking the reigns and riding through the storm of ideas. Can you do it?


Title Artist Track Style
Sexy Back Justin Timberlake Main Theme; Alex happens to think he's the best damn thing that's ever happened to the word 'sexy'. So, obviously, he's bringing it back, every time he steps into the room.
Sexy Ladies Justin Timberlake The Stroll; This is what happens whenever Alex Masters decides he wants to enter a room/club/walk down the street. He's got sexy ladies all over him. It just happens.
Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake Dance With Me; Alex has had quite a bit of practice on the dance floor, as well as memorizing some of the latest dance moves from Boy Bands and the like. Sometimes he has to dance his way into some girl's pants.
Hero Skillet Havok Theme; This is the theme song used for Havok: The Series. It rocks. Just like Alex.


Masters of the Universe

Episode One: Moving In -> Alex is having the dickens of a time trying to fit in (with) his new neighbor.

Episode Two: Punk'd In The Park -> Once again, Alex's irresistable charm has managed to get him the digits. Somebody needs some cream in their coffee!

Episode Three: Best Day Ever -> Our hero, Alex Masters, takes it upon himself to give his fans the treat of a lifetime. It's good to be The Alex.

Episode Four: Breaking The Ice -> Alex Masters scores a date with Lorna Dane. He really, really wants to Google her.

Episode Five: Yo Momma -> Alex Masters proves that Resistance is Futile. Ladies just have to give it up.

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