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Please note that XMR is no longer active. The page remains up as an archive and as a service to former players. Should we reopen, news will be posted here.


  1. move in a direction contrary to the usual one
  2. move back
  3. going from better to worse
  4. regress: get worse or fall back to a previous condition

The year is 2016. It is a brave new world out there. Thanks to the efforts of the government's Sentinel Project, Manhattan lies in tatters. Striking back, the Brotherhood has turned man's own weapons back upon him and successfully taken over Rykers Island, turning the former jail into a supposed mutant utopia, while Charles Xavier, through his New Mutants and X-Men, tries to help the world rebuild.

Meanwhile, an ocean away in Scotland, the Muir Island-based team of Excalibur copes with the unusual and paranormal, cooperating with the U.K.'s Weird Happenings Organization in order to solve the most pernicious of riddles.

XMR is a dystopian X-Men MUSH set in the near future. Two linked grids run concurrently, with the main Manhattan grid taking a science fiction focus and the smaller UK grid focusing more on the paranormal. With two fresh takes on the X-Men theme, XMR has something for everyone, from the biggest comic buff to the newest X-Men fan.

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